Retail POS software

Streamline your retail operations with an integrated POS software that is built to scale​​.

The all-in-one retail POS solution

Everything you need to manage and grow your retail business.

AccelGrid POS offers you everything you need to sell, manage and grow your retail operations. An all-in-one POS software that makes it easy to set up new store locations, keep customers happy, streamline purchase and inventory, manage financials and much more delivered with unmatched flexibility and performance.

Retail POS software

Flexbile, intuitive and scalable

The POS software that just works with any hardware.

Eliminate proprietary hardware costs as you scale your business with POS software that offers a true plug-and-play experience. Set up new stores and POS lanes on-the-fly and eliminate the need for expensive and complicated setup and integrations.

A powerful POS solution that scales with your business

And yes, it comes with batteries included.

Access anywhere, anytime

Gain full visibility of your retail operations across all locations with a POS platform built for the cloud.

Works offline

Is network connectivity an issue that you have to deal with every day? We've got you covered. Our POS solution works even when you are offline.

Powerful reporting

Make accurate decisions based on actionable reports. Quickly build custom reports using our powerful inbuilt business intelligence tool.

Easy pricelist management

Setup special promotions and discounts efficiently using the advanced pricelist module.

Increase customer loyalty

Keep your customers happy and keep them coming back using loyalty programs, gift coupons, and discount vouchers.

Configurable payment methods

Accept multiple payment methods including on account, cash, cheque, cards, payment gateways and more.


Streamline inventory

A POS without a great inventory management system is practically useless. AccelGrid offers powerful inventory management with full traceability across multiple locations.


Automate purchasing

Save time and resources by setting up minimum stock rules. Automate your purchase requisitioning process effectively. Get full visibility of the status of receipts and bills across all purchase orders.


Easily take your business online using the integrated E-commerce module that lets you set up and manage online stores. Manage your entire business using one integrated platform. 


Customer-centric CRM

Drive engagement across leads and customers using a CRM that is designed to increase productivity. Provide a personalized customer experience using the power of our integrated solution.


In-built marketing

Effectively reach out to prospects and customers by setting up automated campaigns. Craft beautiful newsletters and mass mails out of the box using our intuitive drag and drop mail design tool.


Simplify accounting

Eliminate data re-entry and save time using our integrated accounting and financials module. Manage everything from credit invoices to payments in one place.

Extremely versatile

Trusted by retailers across multiple business types.

Is your off-the-shelf POS software not able to adapt to your growing and changing business needs? The world of retail is changing at a very rapid pace, and it is critical for retailers to respond to the latest demands quickly. This is where AccelGrid excels. With a core platform that is fully customizable, building new functionalities and features to serve better your customers couldn’t be easier.

Fashion Boutiques
Retail POS solution for fashion boutiques
Home Improvement Stores
Retail POS system for home improvement stores
Sports Stores
Retail POS solution for sports stores
Health & Beauty Retail
Retail POS solution for health & beauty retailers
Electronics Stores
Retail POS solution for electronics stores
Food & Drink Retail
Intuitive restaurant and bar POS solution

Unparalleled advantages


24x7 Support

Our support engineers are always here to help.


Dedicated database

We take data security and performance very seriously.


Simple pricing

Predictable and simple pricing across all plans.


Regular updates

We release updates to AccelGrid regularly.

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Discover how AccelGrid can help you manage and grow your retail business.

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