Manufacturing resource planning software

The MRP solution for efficient, scalable and leaner manufacturing.

End-to-end MRP software

Identify bottlenecks, plan work orders and increase manufacturing efficiency.

AccelGrid MRP allows you to plan manufacturing orders based on resource availability and efficiency. We understand that it is critical for manufacturers to have full visibility of raw materials, resources, capacity and more importantly, production costs. AccelGrid MRP enables manufacturers to manage even the most complex manufacturing operations through a flexible MRP solution. With support for JIT (Just in time) manufacturing methodology, AcceGrid enables you to increase efficiency and reduce costs significantly.

  • Integrated document management for BoMs and work orders.
  • Enable manufacturing teams to collaborate in real-time.
  • Accurately capture time spent by resources on work orders.
  • Track, report and analyze manufacturing cost accurately.
MRP software

A collaborative enviornment

Enable manufacturing teams to collaborate in real-time.

AccelGrid MRP offers manufacturers a unique way of increasing collaboration and productivity. With AccelGrid MRP, you can enable individuals or teams to collaborate in real time. It also allows production managers to share instructions and documents directly within BoMs and work orders. 

Manufacturing software

Stock control

Check the availability of raw materials for manufacturing using integrated stock control.


Un-build orders

Un-build finished products into raw materials based on the bill of materials.



Assign serial numbers & lot numbers for finished goods and raw materials used.


Intuitive planner

Plan manufacturing orders based on resource availability using an intuitive calendar view.


Quality control

Embed configurable quality checkpoints on work orders and record non-conformity.


Multi-level BoMs

Manage bill of materials including versioning, validity, and by-products.

More than just an MRP software

AccelGrid is a fully integrated suite of business management software that increases productivity and efficiency across the board.


Order management

Automatically trigger manufacturing orders based on demand when a sales order is confirmed for make to order items.



Automatically trigger purchase requests based on inventory levels through minimum stock rules or on demand.


Inventory management

Gain full visibility and traceability of raw materials required for a production order with a seamlessly integrated inventory management system.

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