Enterprise productivity tools

Drive team engagement and collaboration using built-in productivity tools.

Shaping the future of enterprise productivity

Our enterprise productivity tools help you to make your workforce more productive and efficient. We believe that using a collaborative platform helps teams improve engagement, motivates them and consequently increases their productivity.

Enterprise productivity tools

Enterprise social network

Collaboration between employees and teams is often a critical success factor for most modern businesses. However, without the right tools, it is usually a difficult thing to put into practice. AccelGrid enables you to transform your workplace into a collaborative and productive environment using what we’d like to call as your very own enterprise social network. The enterprise social network feature lets you follow other users, chat with them in real-time, set up discussion boards and private channels for easier communication. You can also invite other users to specific documents such as opportunities, orders, invoices, etc.

Integrated emailing

Send quotes, orders, invoices and more directly from AccelGrid documents using integrated emailing. Emails sent from AccelGrid and their responses are tracked against the corresponding document making it easier for you to find important communications.


Easily schedule meetings with team members, suppliers, and customers. Receive notifications within AccelGrid or via email when meetings are due. Integrate with google or Office365 calendar to manage all your events in one place. 

Activity manager

Schedule activities such as emails, calls, meetings, etc. against various documents in AccelGrid. View upcoming, due and overdue activities across AccelGrid in an intuitive view. Receive notifications when team members assign activities to you.

Document management

Attach relevant files and documents to any record in AccelGrid. The in-built document management tool makes it easier and efficient to securely store and access files that are related to specific records such as opportunities, tasks, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

Enterprise productivity tools

Personalized dashboards

Many enterprise solutions in the market today come with pre-defined dashboards for each user role. The problem with this approach is that you will most likely need to switch between roles in the application when you need to access various dashboards. AccelGrid offers a personalized dashboard for every user regardless of his/her role. Users can create their personalized dashboards with actionable metrics and reports that are relevant to them with just a few clicks.

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