Customer-centric CRM software

Complete CRM solution to nurture leads, automate sales processes and improve sales performance.

Get a full 360° view

View the status and planned activities across all opportunities in a single view.

Easily define your sales cycle and track the status of each opportunity using a super intuitive drag and drop user interface. The interface also enables you to gain valuable insights into the value of your opportunities across each stage of the sales cycle.

  • Fully customizable sales pipeline
  • Integrate with contact forms on you website
  • Setup automated actions for repetitive tasks
  • Built-in enterprise collaboration tool to streamline communication
Customer-centric CRM software
Customer-centric CRM software

Precise forecasting

Gain valuable insights to make the right decisions.

Generate actionable reports based on data from your sales pipeline with just a few clicks. Uncover important trends using completely dynamic graph and pivot views that lets you filter and group data.


360° pipeline

Track the progress of opportunities through different stages of your sales cycle. Get an unparalleled view of your sales pipeline including scheduled activities, meetings and communication history across leads and opportunities.


Customer records management

Maintain accurate customer information, automatically track communications and quickly access customer documents such as invoices, quotes and sales orders in one place.


Lead qualification

Define rules for qualifying leads and automatically assign a score. Focus your sales efforts on leads with a higher probability of converting into an opportunity.


Sales team management

Setup sales teams, assign team members and leaders. Define sales targets for teams and measure performance in real-time.


Activity scheduler

Easily setup reminders for follow-ups and actions for leads and opportunities. Never miss another activity.



Powerful automation tools for assigning leads, lead generation and improving productivity.

More than just a CRM software

AccelGrid is a fully integrated suite of business management software that increases productivity and efficiency across the board.


Order management

Convert opportunities to customers with just a single click. Create beautiful online quotes, accept online payments and increase conversions.



Eliminate data re-entry using our integrated accounting and financials suite. Experience the benefits of using an integrated business solution.



Reach out to prospects and customers using automated campaigns and mass mailing. Personalize communications and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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