5 Steps for successful CRM implementation

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Most modern businesses are well-aware of how beneficial the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is. CRM is a great platform that allows companies to organize data, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system as well as connect departmental units within a business.

Some of its advantages include organized information, up-to-date communication, calendar integration, CRM database accessibility, financial forecasts, and useful CRM reports. It is no wonder why statistics show 99 percent of businesses online have employed the use of CRM.

The question is, what if your CRM software is already outdated? There is a need to get a new CRM software and establish a new CRM implementation. However, the idea of evaluating and choosing a new CRM software can be quite daunting as a task, given its complexity. The process will require much time and effort. In order to move forward, what better way to pursue new CRM implementation than to break the process down into stages? Here are the five stages of seeking and pursuing new CRM implementation:

Awareness of the Need for CRM Software

You may or may not currently have strong CRM implementation in your company. What if your current software has a lack of functionality, outdated software, poor features, or a lack of flexibility? If you have no software at all, what if your business now feels the need to have a CRM initiative? Now it’s the right time to either utilize the system for the first time or look for a more updated CRM software that caters to your current and future business needs. Everything starts with being aware of the need for CRM software.

Initial Research on CRM System

Once the realization has hit, the next step to undertake is to conduct initial research into new prospective systems. It’s best to have a familiarization of the CRM market out there and see how vendors are competing for market share, given what they have to offer. A part of this initiative is to delve deeper into your company’s current processes and assess what you will need from a new system.

Getting in Contact with CRM vendors

After conducting thorough research on the CRM market and carrying out an in-depth assessment of your business needs, it’s time to begin contacting prospective vendors to obtain detailed information. When doing so, you have to take note of ballpark pricing, analysis review, timelines for implementation, and other necessary items needed for the CRM implementation.

Preliminary Round of CRM Demos

Now, if there are no reasons to disqualify your shortlist of vendors, you can move to the next step: demos of the software. CRM demos can be the most tedious and critical of the stages in CRM implementation. These demos should be detailed overviews that are semi-tailored to your software needs. A question-and-answer portion is necessary to deliberate the efficacy of the CRM software and to assess if it primarily suits your business needs.

Proof of Concept with CRM Vendors

It’s important to have a large team of people evaluating the software of each vendor after the demos. Once you are done evaluating and deliberating, you can now proceed to come up with a final list. The listed CRM vendors should now be able to show you exactly how the system would run at your business. This is the most crucial part of the stage where you want to leave no stone unturned.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one final decision. From system awareness to checking the market, conducting demos of prospective vendors down to deliberating a final list, now is the time to make your final choice. The stages taken in a hierarchy will lead you to the right decision. A new CRM system implementation awaits you and your company. Your company is indeed one way closer to overall business success!

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